X-ray technology

HEITEC PTS GmbH has the know-how with an integrated industrial robots a very high throughput inline operation of mass production to achieve. Thus HeiDetect Wheel Robot is one of, if not the fastest x-ray inspection of cast aluminum wheels on the market.

With the HeiDetect Wheel Robot to HEITEC PTS GmbH has meanwhile established on the european market. In the automotive industry not only wheels to be examined but the test spectrum spans more safety components such as steering knuckle or wheel carrier. Also components are tested, the potential to save energy due to a material and hence a reduction in weight.

In the focus of all HeiDetect systems but always a fully automatic and efficient movement is paramount.

Through the cooperation with VJ Technologies, one of the world's leading providers of non-destructive testing workpieces with a network of offices worldwide, the standards of Erhardt + Abt now reach a global market access.

Great potential see both sides in a cost-effective system of production coupled with product safety and quality of a high-end technology "Made in Germany".

Economic X-ray testing of components by flexible automation.