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HeiDetect Wheel Robot

Most advanced X-ray technology for highest safety

Fully automatic wheel testing machine "HeiDetect Wheel Robot"

The HeiDetect Wheel Robot testing machine enables a very high throughput rate thanks to the integrated industrial robot and is ideally suited for inline operation in the mass production of cast aluminium wheels. Due to the large inlet area of the detector, several sections of the wheel can be evaluated in one single test position. This advantage saves handling steps and reduces the testing time per wheel.

The HeiDetect Wheel Robot is a fully automatic X-ray testing machine, which provides for almost pseudo-errorless evaluation with stable image quality based on the image evaluation software ISAR and detector XEye, developed by the Fraunhofer Development Centre X-ray Technology EZRT. Because of the high-performance image processing, casting defects such as cavities, pores, nests and foreign objects can be detected and classified. Defects can be recognised from a range of 3% of the radiated wall thickness. Large-scale oxides can be detected from a size of 1% of the wall thickness.

Further advantages result from the optional automatic wheel detection and recognition of barcodes. This allows the alignment of the wheels to be determined and the test results to be traced.

The HeiDetect Wheel Robot testing machine from HEITEC PTS GmbH meets latest requirements of the wheel circle and handles wheel sizes from 13 inches to 26 inches. 

The ISAR evaluation software offers an ergonomic, Windows-based user interface by means of which the test parameters can be set according to customer specifications. Key data can be transmitted to an existing enterprise data or PPS system.

Specially prepared test results are transmitted to production in real time, enabling trend observation and product quality improvement with the objective of minimizing the reject rate.

Safe and efficient system technology

Its low space requirement and the full enclosure enable integration into the manufacturing process, even under extreme conditions in mass production. The wheel gripper has been designed that wheels with a defective rim flange can also be tested. Moreover, further functions such as lasering and labelling can be incorporated without any problems.

By using a degradation-free detector from the Fraunhofer EZRT, the detector does not need to be replaced for at least ten years.

Video HeiDetect Wheel Robot

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