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HeiDetect Live View

Detect defects before they go "into series production"

Testing earlier, produces quality faster!

More control offers more safety. Our HeiDetect Live View offers you this added value. Whether as a 2D version (DR) or a 3D version (CT), it is an investment that pays off for you. Because the Live View inspects at an early stage of the production process – even before your components are cast in series. This enables you to set the optimum casting parameters with minimal scrap. The result: you produce perfect parts faster – and only the highest quality goes into further processing.

The HeiDetect Live View impresses with its flexible machine concept. In its basic version, it represents a portfolio extension to our highly automated inline machines as a manual testing machine. Thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be easily integrated into the production environment and placed directly on the casting platform, for example. The random inspection directly after casting can reduce scrap production in the long term, as defects are detected as early as possible. The ramp-up of new products can also be optimized efficiently in this way. 

The workpiece manipulator is designed as an innovative SCARA kinematic system, which means that the machine can be loaded ergonomically from the outside and also offers significantly more space in the interior because it remains free and unobstructed.

Often the requirements for a machine change: For example, the concept provides for later retrofitting for automated loading and unloading. For example, manual loading can be retained on the operating side, while a gate for automated loading and unloading can be integrated on the rear side or in the roof. In this way, the basic structure of the plant is retained and yet offers maximum flexibility for every requirement and increasing quantities.

In addition, automatic defect detection can also be retrofitted.

In addition, the machine can also be upgraded with CT functionality at a later date if testing requirements change or become more stringent accordingly.

Best combination of everyday suitability and future viability

Like our other systems, the HeiDetect Live View is optionally available with HEITEC 4.0 capability. This offers you the possibility to send data in real time, e.g. via email or cloud connection. We would also be happy to implement other concepts for you, such as an open interface, individual IT integration or remote maintenance access.

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