Check early on instead of learning from mistakes!

If you want to produce perfect quality faster and with minimal discards, you now have the perfect tool for this: the HeiDetect Live View x-ray device. The unbeatable advantage: It inspects at an early stage of the production process - even before your components are cast in series. This allows you to optimally adjust the casting parameters and to produce perfect parts in the shortest amount of time. You can choose, because the system is available as a 2D version (DR) and as a 3D version (CT).

With the HeiDetect Live View, we would like to help you prevent mistakes before they go into series. Components can be randomly inspected in the shortest amount of time as soon as they have left the casting machine. Manually loading can now be comfortably done outside of the cabin. Since the inspection is also done manually, there are no setup times, for example, to create inspection programs.

An early inspection means you can save costs. On the one hand through the lower discard rate, on the other through only the highest quality being processed further.

The HeiDetect Live View is the perfect complement to fully-automatic x-ray systems such as the HeiDetect Wheel Robot - and rounds off our diverse portfolio for foundries. Our tip: The HeiDetect Live View can be perfectly used for random inspections of incoming goods. This allows you to ensure that you only accept proper merchandise from your suppliers.

Minimal space needed, maximum safety

We offer safety in the smallest of spaces. The x-ray enclosure needs less than 3 sqm of space and has a total weight of under 6 tons. It can be optimally integrated into your production environment and even placed directly on the casting platform. It is specifically designed for the casting environment and is therefore extremely robust and dirt-resistant.

Best combination of durability and sustainability

You can optionally receive the HeiDetect Live View, just like all our other systems, HEITEC 4.0-ready. This offers you the possibility to send data in real-time, for example, by e-mail or through the cloud. We would be happy to work on other concepts for you such as an open interface, an individual IT integration or a remote maintenance access.