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HeiDetect FX InlineCT

flexible - fully automatic - integrable

fast - flexible - efficient

With 450kV acceleration voltage and possible inline testing duration of less than 60 seconds, the HeiDetect FX InlineCT is probably the fastest inline CT system for the testing of large volume components.

The HeiDetect FX InlineCT is a fully automatic inline CT test machine for workpieces of different sizes and weights, for example cylinder heads, crankcases, gearboxes and structural components.

The system consists of a compact X-ray enclosure with linear loading shaft for workpieces, lifting/rotating unit for the CT scan as well as detector and X-ray tube that can be adapted to the testing task.

Combining our automatic image acquisition software HeiControl with variable evaluation software for 3D tests puts the customer into a position to parametrize the evaluation according to his needs. Doing so, the customer himself can create new components and enter the component modifications on-site.

Video HeiDetect FX InlineCT Automation

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