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HeiDetect Flex

fast - flexible - universal 

More control offers more safety.

Our HeiDetect Flex offers you this added value. Whether as a 2D version (DR) or as a 3D version (CT), it is an investment that pays off for you. Because the Flex inspects at an early stage of the production process - even before your components are cast in series. This enables you to set the optimum casting parameters with minimal scrap. The result: you produce perfect parts faster - and only the highest quality is sent for further processing.

Your advantages at a glance: 

› Suitable for a wide range of components, from plastic screws to  structural components 

› CT capability, automatic defect detection and automated loading and unloading can be easily retrofitted 

› Long service life due to high-quality components

› Precise inspection results thanks to smallest detectable defect sizes and extents 

› Flexible archiving: image data can be stored in the form of a ring buffer or indefinitely, sorted by various criteria

› Secure transmission of inspection results 

› Future-proof thanks to alternative interface concepts such as e-mail transmission or cloud connections (optional) 

› User-friendly through ergonomic loading and unloading

› Individual adaptation options depending on requirements, whether automated loading and unloading, manual loading or both Suitable for testing in production as well as in incoming goods or in the laboratory.

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