HeiDetect Flex Robot

Most advanced X-ray technology for highest quality

Fully automatic X-ray testing machine "HeiDetect Flex Robot"

Its low space requirement, full enclosure and robust construction enable integration into the manufacturing process, even under extreme conditions in series production. Variable loading concepts enable high flexibility with the integration of the HeiDetect Flex Robot. Due to the adjustable gripper, safe component handling is possible at any time, also in case of complicated geometries.

The HeiDetect Flex Robot is a fully automatic 2D-X-ray testing machine, which - due to the integration of the image evaluation software ISAR and the detector XEye, developed by the Fraunhofer Development Centre X-ray Technology (EZRT) - enables almost pseudo-faultless evaluation with stable image quality.

Because of the high-performance image processing, casting defects such as cavities, pores, nests and foreign objects can be detected and classified. Defects can be recognised from a range of 3% of the radiated wall thickness. Large-scale oxides can be detected from a size of 1% of the wall thickness.
The evaluation software ISAR provides an ergonomic user interface, by means of which customer-specific test parameters can be set. Key data can be transmitted to an existing enterprise data or PPS system.
Specially prepared test results are transmitted to the production area in real time, enabling trend observation and continuous product quality improvement with the objective of minimising the reject rate. You will produce considerably more efficiently and be able to rely a hundred per cent on your quality.
The technical design will be made depending on the relevant country-specific requirements and standards. (CE/UL/...).

Convincing plant engineering with high throughput

Because of the integrated industrial robot, the X-ray testing machine HeiDetect Flex Robot achieves very high flexibility and speed. As a result, it is perfectly suitable for inline operation in mass production of aluminium cast parts. Large areas in one test position can be evaluated because of the large inlet surface of the XEye Detector. This advantage enables less handling steps and reduces the test time per component.

Video HeiDetect Flex Robot

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