Safety acceptance for robot integrations

The tasks accomplished with automation systems and especially robot systems are becoming more and more comprehensive. Thereby, more and more factors must be considered when evaluating the system safety. With extensive procedures, which we coordinated closely with the customer, we check the behavior of the integrated robot regarding design and programming, as well as the compliant implementation of the safety concept.

We do not only test the installed safety-related components and the designed mechanics, we also check your system with proven processes according to common safety requirement standards. 

With HEITEC PTS GmbH, you choose a partner who can offer more than services. Secure yourself an advantage in competition.


Engineering with HEITEC PTS GmbH

  • Plausability check of safety-related components and interfaces.
  • A question of trus: HEITEC PTS GmbH is an official system partner and a recognized robot manufacturer.
  • We have trained specialitsts.
  • We offer innovative soutions and support you with our expert opinion.