Fully automated CT inspection system "HeiDetect XS CT"

HeiDetect XS CT is a fully automated inline CT inspection system for workpieces of varying size and weight. The system consists of a compact X-ray enclosure with high-performance X-ray tubes and the Fraunhofer X-ray camera system, the XEye 4020. With our image capturing software HeiControl and a variable analysis software for 3D testing, an analysis of the data is possible by the customer itself. New workpiece data can be entered and workpiece changes can be edited on site by the customer.

This versatile inspection system adapts perfectly to your individual requirements. This applies both to integration in an existing material flow and communication with the production IT system.

HeiDetect XS CT can also be loaded directly from a handling system supplied by the customer. The intake opening for the handling systems can be positioned and configured with flexibility. Optionally, both the X-ray tubes and the detectors can also be fitted on one axis system. This allows for adjustment of the focus-to-detector distance and the focus-to-object distance depending on the workpiece to be inspected.

Secure, flexible and efficient system technology

The gripper fingers of the robot, and where applicable, the component pick-up by the transport system, can be adapted to the respective product and are thus the only parts to be replaced during a product change. Naturally, other functions such as lasering and labelling can be integrated with ease. As the detector from the Fraunhofer EZRT shows no signs of degradation, replacement will not be necessary until it has been in use for at least ten years.