Flexible and fully automatic "HeiDetect InlineCT"

HeiDetect InlineCT is a fully automatic, flexible system for X-ray and computer tomography (CT) tasks for non-destructive testing of a wide variety of workpieces.

The HeiDetect Inline CT enables reference-free, parametrizable evaluation of the X-ray images. An X-ray source emits X-ray radiation that penetrates the objects. This radiation is attenuated depending on the material of the test sample and its condition. A detector attached at the opposite side creates a shadow image with this remaining radiation. In the process, the various grey tones of the shadow images represent the differences of the nature of the test specimen.

The PIDA or Volex6 evaluation software generates a 3D model of the object from the 2D X-ray images created. This allows to view the test sample from all possible angles and to detect the defects on the test specimen or to qualify the test specimen.

Safe, efficient and flexible system technology

Its little space required and the full enclosure enable complete integration of the test process into manufacture and production. Flexibility is achieved by adapting the goods or workpiece carrier. The system capacity covers 12 workpiece carriers circulating fully automatically. In this way, the system can be delivered as stand-alone solution or inline one. The system can be integrated in any standard conveying systems without problems. Moreover, further functions and customer requirements can be integrated without great effort.

High image rate due to powerful tube, even with big objects

The Perkin Elmer detector is characterized by high light sensitivity that enhances the imaging precision of the test specimen. The large detector area allows for transportation of objects seized up to 40 x 40 x 40 cm.

The built-in high-performance tube enables short exposure time and thus a short cycle time for the objects to be tested. For example: 600 images can be output with 45 seconds.