SSR-steriproof for medical and pharmaceutical applications

The SSR-steriproof 600 or SSR-steriproof 800 stainless steel robots fulfil the highest requirements of machines that operate in pharmaceutical and medical industry environments.



The core of the SCARA robot "SSR-steriproof" is an adept Cobra robot, which has been redesigned so that no particles that may contaminate the environment can escape from the robot. Also, no aggressive cleaning agents such as hydrogen peroxide can ingress into the interior of the robot. This way, the robot can be used permanently in a vaporous hydrogen peroxide environment.

In order to realise this, all joints of the system have been specially sealed. The surface materials are either coated with a special resistant material or are manufactured from polished stainless steel. The cables exit through the robot base, which means that they can be directly routed through the top machine plate. The closed stainless steel plate at the rear of the robot prevents any impairment of the laminar flow through the cooling fins that are mounted at the rear of the robot.

·         Resistant against hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

·         Surfaces are made from polished stainless steel (V2A/V4A) or have a special coating

·         Specially sealed joints and cover panels

·         Critical parts are made from stainless steel (including the interior of the robot)

The robot is constantly developed and is now successfully used by more than 30 applications worldwide. The majority of these applications relate to isolator machines, which require a sterilisation process using hydrogen peroxide.

 Awarded with the
 Innovation Award 2005
 of the district Göppingen, Germany.